7 New Places to Eat in Doral Florida
Shoma Bazaar
April 8, 2022

7 New Places to Eat in Doral Florida

Wondering where to eat in Doral? Besides sprawling malls, standstill traffic, and Fortune 500 Companies, Doral is South Florida's culinary hub. The food offered in this city reflects every great aspect of eating in Miami

The Shoma Bazaar has morphed into the city's one-stop shop in the culinary scene. Visiting the bazaar amounts to a culinary adventure that'll afford you a chance to sample local and exotic cuisines, making it one of the best places to eat in Doral?

Doce Provisions

Hailed as the Gift to Its Neighborhood by the Miami Herald, Doce Provisions is the home to authentic creative cuisine. The establishment is owned by Justin Sherrer and Lisetty Llampalla, two chefs delivering a high-end dining experience five days a week. You can relish the delicious, unpretentious Miami-style foods prepared from locally-sourced ingredients from Wednesday to Sunday.

Stop by for Charred Verlasso Salmon, El Churrasco, or dig into the fresh Florida Mahi Mahi with a side of Disco truffle fries. Chase your delicious meal with Doce's signature drinks such as the Prosecco Mimosa, sparkling mojito, sangria, or the Caribbean rum punch. The café also carries an impressive wine selection and non-alcoholic beverages.

Ella's Oyster Bar

Ella's Oyster Bar is a casual seafood restaurant that's localized the New England style seafood bar to give it a local feel. The bar re-imagines the New England cuisine into a Latin fare to give it an authentic Miami twist. While the bar's rooted in the mid-Atlantic and New England seafood stables, it adapts the traditional coastal flavors.

You can enjoy the familiar raw bar option and lobster rolls, but it's the re-imagined dishes that carry the day. Dig into the local fish ceviche laced with tomatoes, avocado, scallop aioli, and crispy harm. As a novelty oyster spot, this bar replaces the traditional bread with a yummy conch cake. You can enjoy bottomless mimosas as you sample the sophisticated seafood staples steeping into a cultural melting pot. Each item on the menu is delicious and oozes friendly local vibes that will scintillate your palate.

Ash Pizza Parlor

Ash Pizza Parlor is a celebrated local gem specializing in Neapolitan pizza and natural wines. Run by the same couple who own the Stanzione 87 in Brickell, Ash embodies a fun and rebellious approach to modern dining. The pizzeria serves delicious Neapolitan-style pizza while respecting the traditions.

Each slice of this delicious pizza is rough, rustic, exquisitely charred, and boasts a smoke-flavored taste. The pizza is cooked in a genuine, traditional Italian pizza oven used in Italy. Although Ash is keen on respecting the tradition, they're also keen on breaking some of the rules for your dining pleasure.

In Ramen

In Ramen is an Asian street eatery that lets you explore the dynamic Ramen culture. Unlike in most other establishments, every strand of ramen on your plate is handcrafted. In Ramen uses the finest ingredients and exquisite oriental knowledge to create signature handcrafted ramen for your culinary pleasure.

You can enjoy your handmade ramen with other exquisite dishes such as beef short-ribs that are braised for 8-hours, tempura enoki, Bok Choy, and microgreen. Love pork? Try the Chasu Ramen, a rich and creamy pork belly in Tonkatsu broth cooked for 12 hours. The menu is extensive, and you have an impressive wine and sake selection.

Juice & Java

Craving a taste of fresh local cuisine? At Juice & Java, you get the best of both worlds. This eatery has perfected the art of delivering delicious, healthy, nutrient-dense food choices to the Miami scene over the last two decades. The café lets you enjoy quality, healthy foods in an informal setting.

Juice & Java is on a mission to keep you healthy without sacrificing the taste. The café's extensive menu contains a range of yummy choices, and each serving includes plenty of veggies and other naturally healthy ingredients. Juice & Java serves breakfast all day and has other yummy offerings, including soups, wraps, fresh salads, the café's signature salads.

Shahs of Kabob

When you're in the mood for Persian cuisine, the Shahs of Kabob is overrunning with delicious and healthy offerings. The no-frills eatery allows you to savor quick service platters, wraps, and kabobs for your culinary pleasure. The scent of fresh, delicious grilled meats is the signature smell when you step inside this tiny establishment. Bring your carnivore appetite and select from an expansive menu of tasty meat dishes from beef, lamb, and seafood.

Every item on the menu has a distinct and exotic taste of skillful Persian cooking. The meats have an almost sponge texture that entices you to gobble down the entire serving. This eatery serves much more than an array of kebabs, specializing in every imaginable Persian meal despite the name. Be sure to try the rare Persian desserts on your next visit. You can order online and enjoy the offerings from the comfort of your home.

Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi is an eclectic gastropub that serves a fusion of Japanese and Latin-inspired dishes. Pubbelly Sushi has been the go-to sushi joint in Miami for more than a decade. The eatery clinched the Best Sushi Award in the Miami New Times Readers' Choice nominations in 2020.

Jose Mendin, the executive chef, delights in creating high-quality, mouthwatering dishes that won't crater your pockets. Delight your taste buds with yummy offerings such as Bigeye tuna sashimi, salmon tartare taquito, or the pub's signature pork belly. If you're feeling adventurous, be sure to try out the Screaming Orgasm. The drinks menu is impressive, ranging from sake cocktails, mocktails, sangrias, and wines. You can order wine and sake by the glass or by the bottle to wash down your sumptuous meal.

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The Shoma Bazaar may be a foodie's dream come true, but that infinitely increases the amount of competition you're up against.

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