The shoma

Shoma Bazaar is a community hub for local happenings, where an unprecedented collection of local chefs set the standard for culinary excellence in Miami.

The visually stunning space features 6 zones – Café/Bakery, Americana, Street Food, Asian/Raw, Biergarten, and Lounge Bar. Guided by 4 core values – support local, create community, offer only the best and always be bold – Shoma Bazaar sets the stage for unforgettable culinary experiences guided by some of South Florida’s finest chefs

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Our Values
Our Values

We relentlessly adhere to the values that make Shoma Bazaar an amazing place to be, both for our partners, and the communities we serve.
Buy local

Wholeheartedly support local enterprise here in Miami and Florida to improve the lives of people in our communities while also reducing our carbon footprint.

Be excellent always

Be great. Do great things. Appreciate the art. Serve only the finest everything. We bring joy and satisfaction to our work and the people who put their faith in us by always daring to be excellent.

Create Community

Strive to foster a sense of connectedness by creating opportunities to gather and share through the language of food all the colorful cultures that make our community the best place to live and work.

Be bold

We never stop exploring the possibilities. Never stop finding ways to use technology to make all of our experiences more human. Do the risky thing, or risk never finding the one thing that could change everything