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An Overview of the Best Family Dinner Restaurants in Doral, FL
Shoma Bazaar
May 24, 2024

An Overview of the Best Family Dinner Restaurants in Doral, FL

Situated in the vibrant Miami-Dade County, Doral is renowned for its eclectic gastronomic delights from around the globe. Its diverse range of local restaurants entices residents and the 26.5 million tourists visiting Greater Miami each year.

If you're ready to immerse yourself in a world of cultural flavors, there's no better place to start than at Shoma Bazaar. Explore the very best family dinner restaurants in Doral and find out what makes it the culinary capital of Florida.

The Best Family Dinner Restaurants in Doral

If you're in Doral and need help deciding which types of food to try, let Shoma Bazaar be your guide. From Asian fusion to Latin-inspired dishes, European influences to traditional fare, its abundant options promise a culinary adventure from start to finish. Discover the very best family dinner restaurants in Doral, Florida:

Amor di Pasta

Experience the authentic flavors of Italy at this family-owned restaurant, where time-honored recipes are lovingly prepared with a contemporary spin.

From freshly-made pastas, and homemade desserts, there's something for people of all ages to enjoy. Vegan Planet also offers a variety of vegan and gluten-free options.

Bandidos Taqueria

Indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine at Bandidos Taqueria. From pollo asado to pork carnitas, you can enjoy the signature Bandidos flavor with tacos that make it one of the best Doral restaurants. Pair them with mouth-watering appetizers like elote, guacamole, or tortilla soup.

Doggies Arepa Bar

Doggies Arepa Bar honors its Venezuelan roots by serving delicious arepas, a beloved South American staple. With a wide range of fillings available, you can choose from both traditional and modern recipes. The Arepa Santa Barbara or the Arepa de Pabellon with plantains come highly recommended!

Feroz Fine Meats

Feroz Fine Pizzas is a delightful pizzeria that blends classic Italian craftsmanship with vibrant Latin flavors..

a range of delightful pizzas like the spicy Salame Picante with homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, Italian 'Nduja, and ricotta or the classic Margherita. Don't miss out on the Tartufo Nero e Funghi, a luxurious blend of mozzarella, black truffle, and porcini on a white sauce base.


Renowned for its signature 18-hour, 100% pork-bone ramen, Shimuja skillfully combines traditional flavors from Kagoshima, Japan with a contemporary twist to create this delectable noodle dish.

Along with their 11 different ramen dishes, you can indulge in gyoza, Karaage fried chicken, Gyu Don, and Curry Rice. Top your meal with a delicious dessert, including Daifuki, Taiyaki Ice Cream Waffle, and Japanese Mille Cake. The menu also offers a selection of Japanese wine, beer, and sake to enhance your dining experience.


This restaurant combines Japanese and Peruvian flavors with South Florida vibes. Pokemia's menu features nutritious and delicious poke, allowing you to customize your perfect Hawaiian-inspired poke bowl. Paired with one of their popular boba teas, it's simply one of the best places to eat.

Sushi Sake

This trendy sushi bar caters to all palates and features an expansive menu. Enjoy beautifully crafted nigiri, hibachi, teriyaki, fusion rolls, sushi, and sashimi, then dip them in your preferred house-made specialty sauces. Choose from a variety of sakes to complement your meal.

Shahs of Kabob

Shahs of Kabob offers a delightful fusion of classic Persian street food with a touch of Miami flare. Savor the rich flavors of the Middle East with a Joojeh Wrap or a Koobideh kabob served with aromatic rice and traditional side dishes for a truly savory feast.

B.F.F. Burgers

At B.F.F Burgers, you won't be getting your standard, ordinary fast food. Their succulent patties are cooked to perfection and topped with gourmet cheeses and exotic sauces. This hot spot is known for its creative take on classic burgers and hot dogs, making it a popular choice for family-friendly restaurants in Doral.


SNDWCH offers a delectable assortment of signature sandwiches and salads guaranteed to please any palate. Treat yourself to the Prosciutto and Truffle with fresh mozzarella, truffle aioli, and arugula, or the Burrata Pesto Crostini with basil pesto and balsamic glaze. If you're feeling adventurous, dare to create your own SNDWCH!


This popular eatery offers a diverse and delicious array of treats inspired by Amazonian and Colombian cultures. From savory crepes and tropical shaved ice to their famous Obleas and Cholados, Amazonica offers the best Latin-inspired street food and is a hit with people from all walks of life.

Sweet Manifesto

Follow the irresistible aroma of delectable desserts and confections inspired by European and Venezuelan traditions. This sweet spot offers an assortment of treats, including custom cakes, artisanal breads, decadent parfaits, and freshly baked cookies guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A Culinary Melting Pot

In a city renowned for its dynamic and eclectic food scene, Shoma Bazaar emerges as a premier dining destination synonymous with fostering culture, community, and connection.

From local delicacies to international cuisines, tempt your tastebuds with Persian kabobs, Japanese ramen, Colombian empanadas, and more worlds conveniently located in one place.

The assortment of delicious dishes and delectable desserts at Shoma Bazaar will transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience. With this diverse smorgasbord at your disposal, you can see for yourself why Doral reigns supreme as the mecca for food enthusiasts!

A Bazaar Experience

There's nothing quite like forging connections and creating lifelong memories over a shared meal. If you're looking for an experience that goes above and beyond what you'd get at a regular restaurant, look no further than Shoma Bazaar.

We are dedicated to giving you the ultimate dining adventure. Incredible flavors await you at the best family dinner restaurants in Doral. Begin your culinary journey at Shoma Bazaar today!

If you're ready to immerse yourself in a world of cultural flavors, there's no better place to start than at Shoma Bazaar. Explore the very best family dinner restaurants in Doral and find out what makes it the culinary capital of Florida.