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Why Dinner as a First Date Is a Great Idea
Shoma Bazaar
April 30, 2024

Why Dinner as a First Date Is a Great Idea

The dating game has changed as younger generations enter young adulthood. The biggest difference is in how people meet. Whether yours is a story of friends-to-lovers or you met online, one thing shouldn't change: the first date.

No matter how well you know someone already, taking them on a first date is crucial. It shows that you're willing to put effort into the relationship and want to spend quality time with them.

What's more, there's no better choice than dinner as a first date. Why? Read on to find out why nothing beats this tried and true classic.

Walking the Walk

Before you've taken someone on a date, they only know what you've told them about yourself. You might say that your love language is quality time or that you love a spontaneous adventure. Until you've proven that what you say about yourself is true, you're only talking the talk.

The first time you plan a date with someone, don't just ask them to come over and watch a movie with you. Take them to one of the best places to eat in town.

Going out to dinner hits the perfect middle ground between showing effort and keeping things casual. You won't overwhelm your date by asking to go out to eat, but you will prove that you want to do something special with them.

Revealing Your Taste

Going on a dinner date will reveal valuable information about your taste. How your date shows up and engages with the experience will reveal valuable information about _their _taste.

For starters, where you choose to go will help your date learn a little about you. Did you pick a restaurant that has plenty of options to ensure there will be something they like? At a place like Shoma Bazaar, you can enjoy your favorite cuisine and your date can enjoy theirs, even if they're totally different.

A casual dinner is also a great opportunity to look nice without having to pull out the formal wear. Show off an outfit that's true to your style but elevated for the occasion.

**Testing Out Compatibility **

Compatibility can seem like one of those intangible qualities that make or break a relationship. There's no better way to put compatibility to the test than dining out.

How does your date treat the staff at a restaurant? Do they prefer to share food or do they have a strict policy that you only eat what you order? Are they more or less adventurous than you when it comes to new experiences?

All of these things can give you a sense of what a real relationship might look like. You can learn a lot about a person's values, interests, and dating etiquette when you're in a restaurant setting.

Dedicating Time to Conversation

The purpose of a first date is to learn more about one another. It's not easy to do that when the date itself requires all or most of your attention. Sure, it's fun to go on dates to movies or museums, but these dating ideas don't leave nearly as much room for conversation.

When you're having a conversation over dinner, the opportunities are endless. You may start by talking about what you do for work or how you wound up in Doral. Before you know it, you'll be talking about your family, your goals, and the more intimate parts of your life.

Plus, talking over dinner makes eye contact easy. Believe it or not, eye contact plays a huge role in developing romantic attraction.

Bonding Over Great Food

If the goal is to go somewhere fun, sit down, and talk, why not go to a bar or coffee shop? Though it may seem intimidating to commit to sharing a full meal on a first date, the meal is an important component.

Sharing eye contact isn't the only thing that can increase the bond between two people. Research shows that sharing a meal is also a great way to deepen the connection between two people.

When you eat a meal with someone, you can show them parts of your life or culture that matter to you. While eating, the brain releases all sorts of feel-good chemicals like oxytocin. In other words, you're bound to feel happy and at ease in each other's company during your dinner date.

Creating Your Shared Spot

When you pick a great place to eat, the worst-case scenario is that you had a great meal with someone you might not call again. The best-case scenario is that you and your date have created a lasting memory and found your go-to shared spot.

There are plenty of Doral restaurants worth visiting, but Shoma Bazaar is a great one to claim for you and your partner. These four must-try dishes are only the tip of the iceberg. With so many vendors to choose from, you'll never get bored!

**Playing It By Ear **

In today's dating world, some people do opt for coffee or a drink as a first date because they're afraid of making a big time commitment. With careful planning, you can plan a dinner date that is as flexible as you need it to be.

You can finish your entree and ask for the check or you can stick around for dessert and a nightcap. With the events and vendors at Shoma Bazaar, you can enjoy a quick meal or keep the night going for hours. There's no better place to play it by ear!

Come to Shoma Bazaar for Dinner as a First Date

Dating may have gone through some changes in the past few decades, but one thing holds true: you can't go wrong with dinner as a first date. Sharing a meal is a great way to test the waters and see if love is in the air.

If you're looking for great Doral restaurants for your next date, look no further than Shoma Bazaar. There's nowhere else in Doral where you can find so many different cuisines (not to mention great drinks and musicians) all in one place. Take a look at our next events now and plan your next visit.

What's more, there's no better choice than dinner as a first date. Why? Read on to find out why nothing beats this tried and true classic.